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Y Kant Tori be Nuts?

How does everyone feel about Tori Amos playing Delirium?

(Note: she isn't, I just think she'd be GREAT in the role!)
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When she was younger, maybe. I just can't see it now : /
not anymore. But I still vote for Lori Petti
I think Lori Petty would be too old as well... Delerium looks very young.
hmm... then the only choice left is for me to play her ;)
Movie magic can work wonders on the appearance. I think either tori or lori would be an excellent choice.
first off, if they ever make a Sandman movie, i'm going on a killing spree. then i'll go to Taco Bell and order a hundred kid's meals, and take the little Sandman pull-back cars they'd be giving as prizes and use them for skeet-shooting practice... then... then i'll probably go to prison...

anyway, Tori Amos? no. i like Tori, but... no. and if she does get cast it's because the casting director is an uncreative hack who just went for the most obvious choice available. only way i could see a Sandman movie retaining even a shard of credibility is via an ensemble cast.
Personal preference always leads me to unknown actors and actresses for things like that...anyone else comes with a sackful of preconceptions. But Del does need to be the actress to play her part would need to be someone who could pull off any age between 10 and 16 or so. I imagine Del drifting from older to younger within that range. Just my thoughts.