my anger is your mirror (tupelo_lights) wrote in thedreaming,
my anger is your mirror

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like warm water and sweet cream

Last night you came into the room next to mine in the late afternoon in the summertime. I knew that you had just come from the shower, that you carried the faint scent of aftershave and soap. I wanted you to come over to where I was sitting; I wanted to smell you just once... because it was summer, because I loved you, because it had been so long.
When I saw you I knew it had been even longer. You looked three years younger, and I suppose that's why you must have known what I was thinking. Light followed you into the room, bouncing off your face, which was clean-shaven and smooth. Your eyes were glinting with bright blue wit and some kind of joy I hadn't remembered until you leaned over me for a kiss just before you had to leave. You smiled at me as you came closer, that pure, full smile we lost along the way, and I knew in my heart that this was you still loving me, that this innocence was how we were once.
And as you faded, I tried so hard to do the same.
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