a shadow-truth (kachoo) wrote in thedreaming,
a shadow-truth

i haven't posted in ages.

so my friend got to see Mirrormask because he went to Atlanta. No fun for me being stuck in Louisiana :(

How was it? I will see it, soon. Hopefully.

I raced to the bookstore the day Anansi Boys came out. I loved it. Did anyone else think his style followed more of what he did in Neverwhere, rather than American Gods? Kind of a mixture of both, which i thought was great.

I'm slipping into a delirious state, as I stay up all night and write a paper. I don't know why I always wait until the day before...

I hadn't seen any action in here for a while, who knows, it's probabaly my fault. ;)

to all the new people who have joined, a hearty hello.

Anyway, I'm bored. Let's get a discussion rolling!

and i will go ahead and pass a friend's community along to you guys, which is awesome if you like to write, or want to write, or anything! thebeatbox
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