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. slither stammer slip stagger slide .

..woooooot TOEI!

morning; woke around seven, couldn't sit still. lay in bed shading Alice In Mono. texted kirby, kirby called rai, rai called shin, shin got up, and the day began.

midmorning to lunch; found kirby outside AJ building paying for his trike, eric already sitting on the steps outside the studio. we set up, we practiced. then KR arrived and we all went down to eat. pedz and takumi were there, and we poked around eric's DS [ouendaaaaan]. then we all split up, agreeing to meet up over at eastwood.

lunch to afternoon; we hung around gateway for like 30 minutes, DM-ing with wendi. she disappeared with sketch and we left for eastwood. met up with shin's sister. caught xanie and leandro over at one of the tables, then made our way to Q Powerstation to abuse the DM machine. i tekkened a bit then went downstairs to abuse Ouendan again..suddenly felt like checking my ATM to see if my account was closed.. lo and behold, I HAVE MONEY!!!! got to eat dinner, grrrrrreat job guys.

late afternoon; met up with miki in mcdonald's, she was with other people too so i didn't pull her along. wendi's buddies arrived; kept hearing "bible black" over and over. is ____ haunting me or something? :o

evening; caught my other kids vyxn and krinkle. the bands started playing, cosplayers running around, and then delru dear texted to say she was on teh way~ delru my sweet! heh.
that's mic to you, boys and girls.

later that evening; er..bands played, cosplayers cosplayed..caught gab, who was with the Saint Seiya group. her costume was H O T. free food haha ^__^ delru arrived, love her to bits always. anyway, we played around 9.. my machineheads kept slipping!! XO i need to replace them..the first two songs [Fuusetsu by Kagrra and Diamond by Bump Of Chicken] were okay [i think i overdid it with the volume though], but by the time we got to Sailing Day they slipped quite a bit and i was playing the song with my E slightly outta tune..i obsessively tweaked while playing but the chord intervals were too short and i was doing most of the stuff [signaled kirby several times but he was too busy! oh well lol]
needless to say i was frowning during the last song and i decided to show the audience my ass instead of my face instead o_O

and then i ran away to the back and blah-ed the rest of the night XD then after blah-ing we went to KFC to eat some more and then we went home. head is throbbing.

but wait!

Anj was there! I miss youuuuuuuuuu~


..did i mention i forgot to wear shoes and i ran to the event in my house slippers? XD
as usual, delru saved the day. love you, mic! <3
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